National Coworking day

Thursday 06 June 2019
Today is National Coworking day and also more importantly the 75th anniversary of D-Day.
if you're not coworking yet, you will be one day but how did it all start?
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Tips for a healhier lifestyle

Tuesday 21 May 2019
In this article we are focusing on health and wellbeing, specifically starting a healthier lifestyle, making time for exercise and preventing ‘back pain’, all contributors of absence in the workplace.
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Don't underestimate office design

Tuesday 14 May 2019
The flexible working market has had a strong influence on the way we work and interact with our workspaces. Business are constantly looking at creative ways to make our working environment more dynam ...
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The UK flexible office market continues to grow

Tuesday 07 May 2019
Latin America-based hospitality company Selina has announced its expansion into the UK with four new locations in Liverpool, Birmingham, and Manchester.
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Why use an Agent or Broker to find your next office space.

Monday 29 April 2019
Businesses are getting more savvy when it comes to finding a deal but the use of brokers is still rising! In this article we look at this and share our 'top 10 tips' when using flexible offices.
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Creating healthy working environments

Thursday 25 April 2019
Great article on 'creating natural working environments' in Aprils Raconteur.
The coworking & flexible office market is leagues ahead, creating environments to improve employee wellbeing in general ...
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