Considering a new office move?

Tuesday 25 August 2020

What to consider when looking for an office


There is clearly no ‘One size fit all’ when it comes to shortlisting an office space, it totally depends on your business and how you want to operate.

If your business meets its clients at the office, it will of course look totally different to non-client facing business in terms of setup and general look and feel.

There are some rough industry standards and rules, for example; a densely packed call centre can get away with about 50-70sqft per head, but a professional services firm will need more like 100-120sqft, to allow for consultation space for clients.

New Covid guidelines

Covid-19 has really made business owners think hard about who actually needs a desk, adjusting the space for social distancing measures and how to continue incorporating ‘home working’ policies.

Therefore, if you want to make an office space more cost efficient, you must carefully consider the ‘density of your desks’.  Plan in detail how you want to utilise the space and how much you actually need. Too little space and your staff will be cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, choosing too large an office could land you with a rent bill you simply resent paying.

As you’re moving think hard about storage and filling solutions, can these be shifted to a storage facility at lower cost or even more eco-friendly copied and stored onto the cloud. 


In conclusion, before you start your office is search consider these Primary points:

  • How many desks do you need?
  • Do you require additional space like dedicated meeting rooms or storage space, can these be hired locally?
  • Do you want to manage the office or have a supplier do it for you?
  • How long you ready to commit for?
  • Have you surveyed the staff to understand the demand for homeworking and facilities on their wish list?
  • Prime location for the office
  • Budget and Term

One the primary list is confirmed, you can have all the Secondary essentials such as;

  • Office Design & Look ‘n’ feel
  • Onsite features and services (café, Gym & Kitchen etc.)
  • Sub locations within the designated Prime area
  • Level in the building if skyscraper
  • Local facilities
  • Scope of the space for expansions or downsizing
  • Price range

Once you do plan to move offices, also consider the following Covid measures too;

- Use of contactless technology
- Use of App's and technology for communication
- Limiting high level transmission in the workplace
- Use of Sanitizer and Sprays
- Auditing the workplace to assess work flow and usage
- Briefing all staff on policies so all staff are accountable for keeping there work space safe and clean
- Adopting flexible working practices with a home working strategy
- Moving away from Conventional Leases to *part-time offices and coworking

*If you're looking for part-time office space, this is quite unique but we are starting to see suppliers adopt this offering.

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