Why consider the Hub-and-spoke Model?

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Economically we are all facing an uncertain future, Brexit is just around the corner and the UK is facing the hardest recession in living memory.  Coronavirus has obviously had a dramatic effect on how we live, work and socialise.  Businesses therefore have been forced to re-think how they work and for many adopt new working principles to adapt and survive/thrive.

The Hub-and-Spoke office Model explained

In its basic form; a company will have a head office, 'the hub' of the business while the 'spokes' are based around a mix of their clients and colleague requirements. The 'hub' isn't always a city centre but typically will be with all the benefits of quality public transport, local amenities and its the face of the business.

Typically, In London and the Homes Counties, businesses are typically drawn to the City and their regional hubs are clustered in the home counties and beyond.  

Hub-and-Spoke Office Model - Save money, work more efficently


What to consider if adopting this model:

The Hub

  • Positive and negative affects on commute times
  • Access to public transport links for colleagues and clients
  • Overall quality office spaces, look and feel - Consider your image/culture
  • Meeting rooms, break out areas, soft seating and areas for company team meetings
  • Who needs to be there and how often - this will help dictate size and ultimately cost

The spoke 

  • How many do you want/need - single team or company departmental functions
  • Consider co-working membership cards for drop in spaces/collaboration
  • Do you have room/plans to grow
  • How good are the local amenities parking, public transport, places to eat and meet
  • Talent attraction and Wellbeing 

One thing is for sure, 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work in many ways.  As a result its very likely that more companies will be looking to implement the hub-and-spoke model.  Home working might now be the key driver in change, as colleagues demand more flexibility and employee wellbeing is now top of the agenda. 



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