Is your space totally flexible and adaptable?

Wednesday 23 September 2020

The 'All-in-One' Workplace Solutions for businesses embracing flexibility.

Flexible workplace solutions - Meeting, Office and Events

Many businesses rely on their office provider having flexible meeting room spaces and board rooms to hire on regular ad-hoc basis.  As the Government is advising us to the work from home #wfm more, how can you reduce overheads and still keep in touch with your team, when it's essential?

The solution; An office provider that can transform your office space into a meeting room overnight and back to an office when your done is one solutions coming to market. 

Why consider this type of setup?

- Saves money by eliminating additional meeting room hire costs

- Keeps your space dedicated and more Covid Secure

- Allows more options to work, meet with colleagues/clients in a professional safe environment

- Options are even available on a Part-Time office hire basis - minimum 2 days per week

- Maintains more productivity and allows you to incorporate home working principles 

- Reduces the size of the office space you currently occupy, especially if you have a 'dedicated board room'

- Allows businesses, such as; training providers, educators, business coaches to have an office in their own dedicated training space.

Flexible Office Space by Canvas Offices

 There are many other ways that businesses are adapting to the 'new normal' and this solutions could be the future for many.


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