Why use an Agent or Broker to find your next office space.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Getting Expert Help.

If you want to get access to the whole market, compare independent suppliers with well-known chains, then a FREE brokering service make obvious sense.  Brokers are paid by the supplier you choose to take office with, so there is very little reasons to argue against this type of service.

Our ‘Handheld’ office search advisory service takes the stress out of navigating the tour, saving you time in not having to negotiate with sales managers, allows you to make sudden requirement adjustments, if your search criteria changes.  Most agents in the Flexible office industry are 'web based' and are not able to offer this flexibility, personal touch and face to face consultation or local market knowledge

We take a full brief to cover the following:

-Term of the contract in months or years.

-Location particulars e.g. transport links or local amenities

-Configuration requirements e.g. number of desk and meeting rooms

-Additional features required e.g. Bike racks or Breakout spaces

-Budget and timescales

-Office Start and timescales related to the search

-Office Environment, paying attention to culture or design

-Decision makers and who needs to tour space


If you'd like a free consultation to compare the market today, get in touch.

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