Top 5 reasons why clients leave their office providers

Wednesday 25 September 2019

As a business owner, having a happy and productive working environment is essential for attracting and retaining top talent.  A typical office worker spends 40+hours a week at their desk, so the building services such as coffee points, air-con and toilets are often a hot topic of conversation when having a bad day in the office. 

Wellbeing is no longer just a buzz word used by gyms and spa's or yoga retreats, business are being asked to take this more seriously to ensure a happy and healthy working environment.  

As part of our 'hand held' service, we often meet our clients to fully understand why they want to move office.  By doing so, this allows us to see for ourselves the reasons for moving, enabling a far more detailed search criteria for suitable options.  Many of our clients are choosing 'Managed Offices' so to ensure more consistency, value for money and brand identity. 

These are the top 5 reasons given in 2019 from our clients looking to move offices.

  1. Space to grow; could be 'price per desk' related, can't physically expand where they are or simply a need to be closer to top talent.
  2. Forthcoming Renewal; after enjoying a new customer promotions for 12/24months the rental discounts have expired and price hikes have created the need to compare the market.
  3. A need to improve the working environment; it might be the office product is tired or a low quality and it’s time to upgrade.
  4. Unsatisfactory building services; we've all been to the cupboard and there are no cups or the milk has run out again.  It's also been another record hot summer, so substandard air-con has been a major issues for people.  When it comes to employee gripes these are the biggest operational related issues.
  5. Brand identity, many flexible offices are branded to reflect their image and tenants adopt it.  Getting 'our own office space' with a 'our name above the door' is very aspirational and therefore often seen an essential step for a growing business.

There are of course lots of other factors from billing issues & hidden charges to location which also feature but these are our top 5.

If you're looking to review the market, let us do the hard work and prepare a bespoke and tailored list of new office spaces to view.

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