Eikon Charity Update

Tuesday 05 November 2019

In the summer of 2019, a team of volunteers travelled to Scotland to complete the gruelling Ring of Steall and Ben Nevis climb, followed by a tricky climb of the north face of Ben Nevis. Sadly, due to a really mixed weather system not everyone completed the final part of the climb on the Ben, as thunderstorms made it very unsafe.  However, the team did complete the Ring of Steall challenge in really good time, which in itself is an epic walk/climb for any seasoned mountain walker. 



So where is the £53K going?

1. The Youth Specialist Programme in Surreys secondary schools.  This supports over a 1000 pupils each year who need someone to speak to about the difficult and often tragic issues in their lives.

2. Eikon's mentoring services, aided by volunteers to offer support services.

3. Investments into the fundraising department which has enabled to team to take on another member of staff, essential to drive improvements and manage communication of the charity's amazing work.

if you've every wanted to get involved in a charity like Eikon, it can be extremely rewarding.  Not only can you achieve something special like climbing mountains but you can also help people in times of need. 

To all those that sponsored me, I'd like to say a massive thanks!


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