Our new Charity is announced

Friday 23 March 2018


After careful consideration we've decided to support Eikon, an award-winning Surrey based charity that has been working in the local Surrey communities for over two decades. They provide long-term support to some of the county’s most vulnerable young people. There vision is to develop happy, thriving and resilient young adults who make a positive contribution to society.

As a business we've already made a donation to their valuable charitable work and plan to also offer our time to support their initiatives, watch this space for the next update.


Why Eikon Exists


Young people are under intense pressures and are really struggling to cope.
In Surrey;

• Over 27,000 under 19s live in poverty
• Over 12,000 young people are the main carer for family members
• Families are failing
• Divorce rate is the highest in the UK outside greater London
• All 4 postcode areas in Surrey are in the top 15 nationally for the highest levels of unsecured debt
• 1 in 7 14-15 year olds suffer from neglect at home
• 7 of the 11 boroughs are in the top 10 nationally for levels of hazardous drinking amongst adults
• In 2015 there was a 45% increase in self-harm rates
• 19% of secondary school students experience being bullied. This more than doubles with online bullying
• One in four (26%) young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts. Suicide is the 4th highest cause of death in 10-18 year olds
• 48% of girls aged 13-17 have sent ‘pornographic’ pictures of themselves via social media
• Some young people admit to eating just toilet paper, cotton wool and ice cubes to lose weight
• More than 10% of YP often feel unable to leave the house due to anxiety
• 94% of secondary school teachers agreed that pupils are driven towards stress related conditions because of the pressure they feel from school, home and peers.

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