How To Find The Right Office Space

Thursday 18 January 2018


Location, Location, Location is everything. The location you choose for your business helps with two important aspects; Attracting talent and the accessibility for your clients. The transport links are important for both, but you will have to consider more than that for your potential employees. More often, now your ability to attract talent will depend on the surrounding environment. Important aspects to factor in are; if it is a safe, well lit place in the evenings, if there are places to go such as coffee shops, after work bar’s and restaurant’s, not mention gym’s all to relax in when they are not at the rock face 


Aspects to consider 

  • What does the location say to my clients and staff?

  • Is it easily accessed?

  • What extra amenities are there we can benefit from?




Space is a major factor when choosing a new office. A cramped office reduces productivity and an overly spacious one will cost you money. Serviced and managed offices offer the flexibility to grow and develop, meaning you can take the space you need now and allow yourself to grow at different stages. Location and price will have an influence on the size of the office you choose, as the price varies across London.  Providers offer between 50 to 80 sq ft per person (or industry term “per workstation”). However a 200 sq ft office being able to accommodate 4 people, does not consider the office shape and the storage requirements you have. 


Aspects to consider;

  • How much space do I really need?

  • Can I benefit from a communal space or shared meeting room?

  • Is it possible to grow within the service provider?



When your clients and employees walk into the office building, everything they encounter reflects your brand and image.  A stunning office can be a fantastic engagement and branding tool. Serviced office providers will encourage you to decorate and dress your office in line with your image.This will make the space come alive and feel like yours.


Aspects to consider 

  • What does the office and building say about your company?

  • Are the building service and amenities going to compliment your environment and promote your image / brand?


The Solution

MBS Property provides impartial office search advice through London's leading serviced, managed and leased office providers.  it's also our responsibility to find and negotiate the best deal for you!


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