Make yourself appealing to recruiters via professional networking sites

Thursday 03 November 2016
As much as people don't like to be pestered by recruiters or unsolicited businesses prospecting on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, it is vital to ensure your profile is relevant and update.  My business specialises in head hunting industry specialists for competitor organisations or similar industries where a candidates skills are desperately required.

I often find it's hard to contact people on LinkedIn, as they don't have their relevant contact information updated or have failed to review their profile since changing roles.

If you want to be found on LinkedIn and like the opportunity of being presented with market leading roles then it takes only a few minutes to update your profile.


When in LinkedIn select the 'Profile tab' and update these areas in Edit mode:

  • Current employment. 

  • Your Professional heading.

  • Create or edit your Summary.

  • Make sure your contact information is up to date!  Don't have an old work email address or old work number as your contact info!  Not only does this make you unreachable, it might be frowned upon by your new employer.

  • Location, try not to put a major city like 'London'  as you might get opportunities outside of your travel zones.

  • Make your career highlights standout.  Draft a few lines about your past roles, include recommendations and list a few key achievements.  LinkedIn shouldn't be considered as CV, but by having these relevant points you will also encourage clients to trust you, connect with you and identify you as experienced professional within your field to do business with, let's be honest that is generally why people are on LinkedIn!


If you are considering a change of career maybe a new year and fresh challenge, get started on the those changes today and let recruiters or new clients find you!

If you are interested in job in real estate, please free free to contact me at in confidence. 


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